50 Miles Race

Recommended for experts in great shape.
50 miles at a moderate pace
A plethora or uphill, downhill, chunky rocky and high atitude sceanaries.
Green, Blue, Black.

This year’s race will run clockwise around the mountain. All racers will be setting off to complete the first 6 mile loop, just like last year which goes south on the pipe line road and then up Trench Town to Rock Shock. At the south end of Sotol Forest, you will head north until you get to a turn off on your right that heads down Boulder Dash back to the round house.
From the round house you take Lazy Cow all the way to Tin-Mine Road. Take a right on Tine-Mine to just past Polecat Alley where you will take a left on a single track trail leading to Cardiac. Climb Cardiac to Blue Moon and take a right. At the four way intersection with Tin Mine, take a left and head up the mountain until you reach the T. Take a left to go up and over Mundy’s gap to reach the west side. Fly down the west side of Mundy’s taking the infamous scree slope down to the parking lot. Take the road all the way down being cautious of the cars that may be on the road. There will be Park Rangers to help guide you and traffic for your safety.

You will cross the main park road and continue to the lower parking lot. From here, take Lower Sunset/Lower Foothills Trail all the way to Northern Pass. Go up and over Northern Pass with caution back to the east side of the mountain. You will veer right at an intersection that will lead you to a jeep road for a very short stretch until you see Newman Trail on your right. Head south on Newman Trail to the jeep road where you will take a left past the submarine tank to a short single track on the right. This will lead you to the ponding area where you will take a left crossing the gas line road and onto Goon’s Loop. Take Goon’s all the way to the round house. This completes your first 35 miles. Continue to climb up Coyote Ugly to Sotol Forest. Continue southbound on Sotol forest to the rock shock intersection.

Head up rock shock to scenic until you come to the Mundys’ Gap T-intersection. Turn left headed downhill on Tin-Mine to the next 4-way intersection to take a right on Blue Moon road. Head up to Mule-Shoe to complete the loop counterclockwise. Turn right to meet the Cardiac trail head. Head eastbound all the way down Cardiac (proceed with caution!!! chunky epic trail) (updated section shown below) to reach Tin-Mine road. Turn left on Tin-Mine to head back up the mountain. Continue on Tin-Mine road until you reach Pole Cat Alley. Turn right up Pole Cat until you reach Blue Moon Road. Turn right on Blue Moon to the Mad Cow trail head. Have some fun with a great flowy downhill all the way back to the Round House. You made it!!

GPX File

Download the GPX file to use it in your own device.

Food Station

Available at mile 40.

Aid Station

Different spots available.

Check Points

4 locations for safety.

Altitude Graph

The highest point reaches 6,000 ft above sea level around the 14th mile.


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