50 Miles Race

Recommended for experts in great shape.
50 miles at a moderate pace
A plethora or uphill, downhill, chunky rocky and high atitude sceanaries.
Green, Blue, Black.

This year’s race will run counter clockwise around the mountain. All racers will be setting off to complete the first 6 mile loop, just like last year which goes south on the pipe line road and then up Trench Town to Rock Shock. At the south end of Sotol Forest, you will head north until you get to a turn off on your right that heads down Coyote Ugly to Spotted Cow and back to the Roundhouse. From there you will take Pipeline North to the 1st entrance of Goon’s Loop where you will take a right, then crossover Pipeline to the ponding area, where you will Spotted cow north to start the long climb over the mountain (do NOT take the old jeep road).

At the top of Spotted Cow you will connect into Newman Trail to Northern Pass, once you clear the mountain pass, get ready for a fast twisty downhill to Upper Foothills, where you will find an Aide Station. From there you will head south on Upper Foot Hills all the way until you get to short cut 1, where you will head West over to Lower Sunset. You will enjoy some great scenery while taking Lower Sunset South to the Parking lot, where you will find the next Aide Station. 

After you fill up at the Aide station you will start the climb over Mundy’s Gap, by heading East on the park road for a short climb up to Agave Loop, then Agave Loop to Mundy’s Gap Trail, where you will finish the climb and then hit the logo fast downhill. You will follow Mundy’s Gap trail down the mountain on the east side until you Old Tin Mine Road, once there take a right and fly downhill, until you get to the four way crossing at Blue Moon, where you will take the hard right and head over to Mule Shoe, hit that Techy trail, once off there take a right on Blue Moon for a short sprint up to the Cardiac Road, down to Old Tin Mine Road and over to Pole Cat, climb up Pole Cat. 

Once you get to the top of Pole Cat at Blue Moon, you will take a right on Blue Moon and head down Mad Cow, where you will head down to the 35 mile finish at the Roundhouse. Riders start out at the Bowen Roundhouse. Once at the Roundhouse, you will head out for the last 15 mile. Head North on Pipeline and a right on Goon’s Loop (1st entrance), take a right on Lost & Found, follow Lost & Found until you connect to Down Under, follow Down Under. 

At the south end of Down Under, you will cross over Pipeline road and over to Spotted Cow, then a climb up Coyote Ugly then a left on Sotol Forest, enjoy the views on Sotol Forest where you will find the left to barrel down Rock Shock, but not too fast or you might miss the turn to Antler Run

Enjoy the amazing Antler Run Trail to arrive back to the finish line at the Roundhouse. With this, you have truly completed the Puzzle and completed a 50 mile EPIC course.

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