Ideal for intermediate riders
15 miles at fast speed
Uphill, downhill, rocky, altitude, small bridge.
Blue and black lanes

Riders start out at the Bowen Roundhouse.  Racers start out headed north on pipeline road.  Turn left on the road taking you to the ponding area, head through the fun rock garden on Tu Madre, then start up coyote ugly to Sotol forest.  Continue southbound on Sotol forest to the rock shock intersection.  Head up rock shock to scenic until you come to the Mundys’ Gap T-intersection.  Turn left headed downhill on Tin-Mine to the next 4-way intersection to take a right on Blue Moon road.  Head up to Mule-Shoe to complete the loop counterclockwise.  Turn right to meet the Cardiac trail head.  Head eastbound all the way down Cardiac (proceed with caution!!! chunky epic trail) (updated section shown) to reach Tin-Mine road.  Turn left on Tin-Mine to head back up the mountain.  Continue on Tin-Mine road until you reach Pole Cat Alley.  Turn right up Pole Cat until you reach Blue Moon road.  Turn right on Blue Moon to the Mad Cow trail head.  Have some fun with a great flowy downhill all the way back to the Round House


GPX File

Download the GPX file and install it in your device to follow the route at your own pace.

Aid Station

Located by the entrance

Bike Service

Basic maintenance available


Personnel around the course.


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